● Transparent Accounting to Boards and Members
● Structured Board Meeting Assistance
● Effective Collection Practices
● Advanced Member Communication
● Reliable Documentation Preservation
● Maintenance Planning
● Reasonable Budget Predications
● Strong Declaration Management

Established in 1999 and re-branded in 2016, Oklahoma HOA Partners came to realize the largest complaint of Boards and Members alike was lack of information, minimal communication and timeliness of accounting.  Our structured HOA Management has a proven track records of relieving these concerns.  Our records are fully transparent with ‘real-time’ accounting and detailed notes on all Members needs.  

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Sheila Hoppis-Brown, General Manager
Erin Swaim, hOA Director

Brooklyn Terry, Accounting Specialist

Samantha Jones, Account Representative

Let’s face it. Selecting the right  association managing partner is possibly one the most important decision for your Community. You need more than a company to collect your dues; you need a partner which will recognize the importance the Declarations play in maintaining your values. We at Oklahoma HOA Partners understand that and go beyond understanding the requirements of your Community to ensure your best insurance premiums, highest property values and best quality of life that can possibly be generated within a determined budget.